Why hire a professional designer?

You bump into about 300 different brands every 24 hours. Everything from your toothpaste to your car insurance company is screaming for attention. Think about that for a second… it’s enough to make your head spin.

Now – recognize that your customers are hearing all the same stuff. And at the end of the day – you need them to remember your business and the benefits you offer. What are the odds?

Well, if you’re using homespun design work, they’re not very good.

Like it or not, you’re in competition with Coca-cola and that little blue pill we keep seeing on television. Every second your prospect spends with another business is time they’re not spending with you.

I’m not saying you should corner folks and beat them into submission, but you’ve got a job to do. Amidst all the noise and competition, you have to convert your prospects into customers. That’s not impossible… Let’s just say you’re at a real disadvantage if you haven’t hired a pro.

Three things a good designer knows:

First impressions count

Everyone knows that it takes seven seconds to form a first impression, right? Studies have reported that number may be closer to 2.6 seconds when it comes to design.

Fair or not, your customers are making snap judgments about your company based on what may seem like arbitrary factors. The legibility of the font you chose for your logo, the weight of your business card and your website layout are all being judged. Are you really putting your best foot forward?

Graphic design is really a game of psychology, and you have to impress on an instinctual level before the customer will listen to your logic.

Pretty graphics aren’t enough

That’s right – it’s not enough to look good. Looking good does not equate to effective communication. And really, isn’t that what we’re talking about here?

Designers are in the business of creating tools that will help you succeed. We’re trying to identify the message your prospect needs to hear and drive it deep into his cranium. That means using great clarity and visual impact to make sure you get remembered.

If your branding does not clearly communicate specific values to a particular audience, you’re probably wasting your money. This is a hard truth that can be tough to swallow.

The future guides the present

Admit it – marketing isn’t always at the front of your thoughts. As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and spend most of the day just trying to keep your head above water. It’s okay – that’s normal.

Driving a business toward success requires a “grand vision” and every decision you make needs to inch you closer to that goal. You simply don’t have time to re-invent your image once the ship sets sail. A little tinkering here or there is healthy, but a full rebrand?

Imagine the costs that come with a project like that… new brochures, signs, embroidery, car wraps. Yikes.

Pros ask enough questions to understand what you need today, and what you’ll likely need tomorrow.  So, if your designer never bothered to ask where you’re headed, I’m sorry, but you’re working with the wrong guy.

Bottom line: a professional is always worth the investment

A guy in this business studies graphic design all day, every day. While you’re working to further your business, we’re reading about brand strategies and digesting new trends. We study user interface tools and the psychology of applied color. These aren’t things you want to delve into – you may not even find them interesting. But then, I guess that’s the point…

You can leverage professional guidance for heavier impact in the marketplace, and continue to make progress in other segments of the business. The benefits will surely outweigh your costs.

Brian Parker
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